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Journaling & personal data logging
All in one super simple app

🤗 AI assisted journaling that helps you work through you thoughts

🌟 Never draw a blank again with intuitive AI prompts guiding you to untangle your thoughts and feelings

🌟 Built-in sentiment analysis that helps you get an overview of the good days and the bad

🌟 Automatic keyword tagging, so you can easily find previous thoughts and ideas

🌟 All your entries summarized into monthly, annual and lifetime biographies, so you can reflect back later and see how much you've grown

🤓 Track any data points over any period of time

✅ Keep track of all data points you want - your weight, mood, sleep or the amount of red cars you see on your way to work

✅ View all your data in beautiful, easy to read graphs. Easily compare any series of data with any other data points too

✅ Let our AI find correlations between your data logs and journal entries, so you can discover what's really affecting your life

🎤 A public space, to share data and posts of your choosing

✨ Share your wins and lessons on a personal public space where your audience and fans can keep up with your learnings too

✨ Have fine-grained control over exactly what you want to share, and what not

✨ Allow followers to subscribe to your public space, to get notified when you have something new to share

Frequently asked questions

Will Spieel be free or paid?

There will be a simple free tier and a full-featured paid tier

What does 'Spieel' mean?

Spieel is the Afrikaans word for 'mirror', which signals what this app is all about, self reflection and introspection

Spieel also apparently means 'play' in Dutch, which we think is kinda funny and appropriate, since the idea is that we want to make personal growth fun and whimsical

Will you share my private data entries with others?

Spieel will severely limit third party access to data set to 'private' as much as reasonably possible, but there will be some instances which would require our systems to interface with that of others

An example would be the leveraging of certain AI features, like the AI journaling and sentiment analysis features. For those to work properly your data will be sent to a third party AI service(like OpenAI & Google Cloud) for processing

Also note that when any data is transmitted, it will be encrypted using the latest and greatest encryption standards, so even if someone were to intercept the data, they wouldn't be able to read it

Regarding Spieel's own data access policies - all journal entries and data logs will be hashed and made non-human readable, so no unauthorized people will be able to just casually read it off the database tables

How much control will I have over my data?

Your data is yours. You can choose to set it private, public, be downloaded or 100% deleted at any time

But note that any data you choose to set public and add to your public posts will naturally be shared with anyone who visits your public space

What other kinds of data will you collect?

Spieel will utilize services like privacy-centered web analytics and error tracking tools to help us continuously improve our services

We will also use third party tools to help us with things like email marketing, customer support and other such standard things